What’s In Your Basket

One of my main projects is definitely a TV series What’s In Your Basket?. It’s endlessly inspiring and constantly reminds me of the healthy lifestyle long-term benefits. The process itself is fun and always challenging. I edited all episodes of the first season so far and I enjoyed from the beginning to now. Some people might wonder how am I doing it and what a hard worker I am but in reality, this is what I like doing. I edit at home, in the library, in the school, in any coffee shop,  and in the train. It makes my time go by and I’m happy to have this type of a creative flow that makes me feel important. I started as an intern but made my way to one of the directors of the show since I’m responsible for the editing and sometimes shooting.

We had our first viewing party in October and it was amazing, Check these links to find out how was it.  http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4082238 http://enspiremag.com/2018/12/whats-in-your-basket-viewing-party-recap/

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